Club History

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On January 6, 1949, Leslie R. Henry invited five other antique car enthusiasts to his home in Havertown. They were Theodore (Ted) J. Fiala, Robert (Bob) Henderson, George M. Hughes, John F. King, and Ralph R. Weeks. This gathering of six friends sharing a common interest turned out to be the organizational meeting of what was to become The Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania. At that meeting, five resolutions were passed: the first recognized a need to “complement” the activities of other clubs devoted to “the preservation of antique cars and automobiliana” by holding meetings, picnics and other social events geared toward an active membership. The second resolution named the organization, the third adopted a “previously formulated”, “Constitution and By-Laws”. The fourth established as Founder Members the six present at the meeting, the Fifth combined (for 1949) the offices of Secretary and Treasurer.

The words of their first resolution created was what to become the region’s largest independent antique auto club and one of the largest in the U.S. That same January evening, those present established the governing and directional body of the organization. Elected President was Leslie R. Henry, Vice President John F. King, and Secretary-Treasurer, Ralph R. Weeks (Weeks was to occupy that office for sixteen years).

We are grateful to Bill Kynett for this account.